New York Bagel bakes bagels and a variety of bagel novelties. However, through our strong connections in the baking community we are able to provide you with just about any breakfast baked-goods you can imagine as part of your standing order or daily add-ons. Below is a list of the products that we offer. If there is something you have interest in that you don’t see, please ask us about it!


Bagels Muffins Crumb Cakes Pound Cakes Cookies
Plain Apple Cinnamon Plain Plain Peanut Butter
Poppy Banana Chocolate Chip Blueberry Marble Oatmeal Raisin
Sesame Banana Nut Chocolate Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip
Everything Blueberry Streusel Iced Lemon Black and White
Whole Wheat Everything Carrot Raisin Raspberry Crumb Iced Double Chocolate
Onion Chocolate Cheese Croissants Iced Carrot  
Garlic Double Chocolate Chip Plain Rasin Scones
Salt Cinnamon Crumb Chocolate Orange Poppy Blueberry
Pumpernickel Corn Almond Banana Nut Cranberry
Pumpernickel w/ Sesame Cranberry Orange Brownies Cranberry Walnut Raisin
Rye Lemon Poppy Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Chocolate Chip
Marble Rye Peach Walnut    
Egg Pumpkin Peanut Butter    
Savory Spinach Raisin Bran Cheese Assorted Baked Goods Danishes
Jalapeno Strawberry Blondies Muffins Apple
Jalapeno Cheddar Reduced Fat Apple Donuts Cheese
Cheddar Reduced Fat Mixed Berry Bundt Cakes Coffee Rolls Cherry
Harvest Grain Reduced Fat Strawberry Banana Jewish Apple Apple Fritters Lemon
Multi-Grain   Blueberry Crumb Cupcakes Blueberry
Wild Blueberry Bagel Novelties Lemon Zest    
Whole Wheat Bialeys Almond Amaretto    
Cinnamon Raisin Flagels Chocolate Truffle    
French Toast        
Chocolate Chip